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Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

For women, traveling alone can be an exciting experience—but it can also be very risky. Women traveling without a partner may be vulnerable to sexual assault, theft, and other violent acts. Whether you plan to visit a new location or are going home to visit friends and family, it is important to
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How to Stay Safe in Social Situations

Social situations such as parties, bar events, or dates can be dangerous without proper precautions. Many sexual assault survivors suffer this act of violence while spending time with friends or acquaintances, unaware of certain red flags and dangerous behaviors. While sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor, there are important
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Uber’s New $50 Ride Feature

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on many industries, including ridesharing. With fewer people traveling at less frequent rates, companies like Uber and Lyft are seeing major economic downturns — and Uber recently announced a new feature called Uber Hourly to combat this slumping business. The company will now offer hourly
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Uber & Lyft Aren’t as Green as You May Think

Taking care of our planet now is vital to ensuring environmental health for future generations, especially as the impacts of climate change become more and more apparent. Many of us try to reduce our carbon emissions by relying on alternative forms of transportation, such as using public transit, purchasing zero-emissions vehicles, and
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Can Minors Use Rideshare Services?

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are quickly becoming common modes of transportation around the world, especially for people without reliable access to a motor vehicle – including minors under the age of 18. From parents giving their children an easy ride to school when they have to run into the office
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Why Is My Uber Account Disabled?

Uber has a responsibility to keep its service safe for all people who use it, including drivers and passengers. To control its community, Uber will disable the accounts of drivers who act in violent, excessively disrespectful, or dangerous ways toward their passengers. If Uber suddenly disabled your account without warning, there are
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What Is Uber’s Quiet Mode?

Do you prefer to use rideshare apps in silence? Whether you suffer from social anxiety or are just not in the mood to make small talk, having a talkative Uber driver can be tiresome. In addition, many people have reported instances of sexual harassment at the hands of their Uber drivers. Uber’s
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6 Rideshare Tips for Travelers

If you are looking for an affordable, accessible way to travel around San Diego and the surrounding areas, you might choose to use a rideshare app such as Uber or Lyft. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can page a ride to your location in minutes. While these apps may pose
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