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US Justice Department shuts probe on Uber bribery charges

A recent article written by Sumit Kumar Singh of IANS, questions how Uber Technologies Inc. was able to obtain the medical documents of a Delhi cab rape victim’s confidential medical documents. It seems someone in the Delhi Police force and local hospital authorities received bribe money to share case files with Uber,
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How to Deal with Dating Violence

Intimate partner violence, also known as dating violence and domestic violence, is unfortunately prevalent across the United States. However, many people involved in abusive relationships have trouble coming forward, seeking help, or leaving their perpetrators due to fear and unfamiliarity with the resources available to them. If you or someone you know
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Myths About Sexual Violence

While sexual violence is a widespread problem across the United States, there are many myths that surround it. Many people can believe that sexual violence falls under a single definition, or that most people who report sexual violence are not telling the truth. These myths can make it more difficult for survivors
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