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Uber & Lyft Lose Safety Report Confidentiality in California

The San Francisco Public Press reports that on Thursday, March 12th, the California Public Utilities Commission unanimously voted to rescind an obscure footnote that granted sweeping confidentiality to safety reports that must be filed by Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing companies about accidents and assaults connected with their services across the state,
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Why Sexual Assault Is an Under-Reported Crime

While sexual assault is a rampant issue across the United States, statistics from law enforcement fail to capture the scope of the problem because many survivors do not report these crimes to the police. According to the United States Department of Justice, survivors do not report approximately 80% of sexual assaults and
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What to Do If You’re Kidnapped

Kidnapping is a major public safety issue in the United States for adults as well as children, especially with the rise of rideshare platforms across the country. Many people report attempted kidnappings by Uber and Lyft drivers, and individuals posing as these drivers have also attempted to kidnap unsuspecting passengers. If you
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Richmond, VA Uber Driver Charged with Kidnapping

According to a report by CNN an Uber driver in Virginia has been charged after police say he attempted to chase down someone who hit his car — without letting his passengers out. Richmond Police have charged Olufemi S. Olomola, 38, with two counts of abduction, reckless driving, and felony hit and run.
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What Is the Rape Kit Backlog?

After a sexual assault, advocates, experts, and online resources encourage survivors to visit a local hospital or medical center to receive a sexual assault forensic exam, also known as a rape kit. However, these health centers can fail to test many of these kits — leading to a significant backlog that survivors
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