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What Privacy Rights Do Sexual Assault Victims Have?

In sexual assault cases, maintaining the confidentiality of survivors is incredibly important. Survivors need the time, space, and resources to recover from the assault, and if someone violates their trust, it can become even more difficult to begin the healing process. To protect survivors, there are certain privacy rights that prosecutors, advocates,
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What Is Common Evidence in a Sexual Assault Case?

Sexual assault cases, like all criminal cases, rely on evidence that proves that the perpetrator committed the act of violence. However, proving sexual assault cases can be difficult, since certain pieces of evidence common in other cases may not be present. As a result, prosecutors and law enforcement officers alike look for
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How to Make a Safety Plan

Sexual violence can occur anywhere and to anyone. Seeking help for assault can be difficult, and without proper planning, you may not know or have the opportunity to access the resources available to you. Creating a safety plan, or a course of action that you take to protect yourself in a dangerous
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Uber Must Face Rape Victim Suit Over Attacker’s Window Decal

An article published by Bloomberg, reports that Uber Technologies Inc. must face negligence claims by a woman who says she mistakenly got into a car bearing the company’s windshield decal. The woman was subsequently raped by the driver. U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Corley in San Francisco ruled on Friday, May 1, that the
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What Is Post-Traumatic Growth?

Sexual assault is a highly traumatic event. Its aftermath can lead to significant mental health issues for survivors, including the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and more. However, many treatment options are available for survivors — and when healing progresses, so does Post-Traumatic Growth. The Definition of Post-Traumatic Growth
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