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Estey & Bomberger is committed to giving back to the community. We support sexual abuse survivors by fighting to change laws. Steve Estey is on the statewide committee to expand the rights of survivors by extending the statute of limitations within which to file a civil complaint arising from sexual abuse.

Many times, due to the psychological and emotional trauma suffered, survivors simply cannot cope with the stress of participating in an immediate civil case. By extending the statute of limitations to file a civil complaint, survivors have time to begin therapy. This allows them to begin the healing process. Survivors can start to come to terms with the effects of the sexual abuse before holding those who harmed them accountable.

Steve Estey also lectures at conferences across the country. He speaks about the importance of appropriate government-run background checks, inappropriate red flag behaviors, and what it means to be a mandated reporter. Estey & Bomberger also supports survivors of sexual abuse through training as well as charitable giving to nonprofit organizations which assist survivors:

The Chadwick Center

The Chadwick Center is a hospital based treatment program for child victims of abuse and neglect. When they opened in 1976, the program provided medical evaluations for victims of physical abuse. In 1979 they contracted with the City of San Diego to medically evaluate victims of child sexual abuse. The professional staff includes doctors and nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers, as well as child development professionals. Chadwick’s core programs include forensic and medical evaluations, trauma counseling, intervention and education. For more information visit: The Cadwick Center

East Los Angeles Women’s Center

The East Los Angeles Women’s Center (ELAWC) initially opened its doors as The East Los Angeles Rape and Battering Hotline in 1976. It was the community’s first Spanish language 24-hour crisis hotline for survivors of sexual assault. ELAWC has provided continuous community and counseling services for Latina survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over 42 years. The center also provides training in the areas of Certified Volunteer Training, Sexual Assault Hospital Accompaniment and Advocacy, and Domestic Violence Community Awareness. For more information visit: East Los Angeles Women’s Center

Peace Over Violence

Peace Over Violence started out as “The Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women” in 1971. Initially, it was a small group of women staffing a crisis hotline for rape victims. Over the years educational programs and self-defense classes were added. Peace Over Violence manages the following services: emergency, intervention, prevention, education and advocacy. Today the organization has more than 50 staff and 200 volunteers. The name was changed to Peace Over Violence, which more accurately reflects its mission: ending sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence. For more information visit: Peace Over Violence