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Estey & Bomberger has represented sexual abuse survivors for over 20 years. We are a small firm, who limits the number of cases we handle in order to provide the best legal representation and support to our clients. Our team of lawyers has over 56 years of combined experience in handling plaintiff sexual assault cases.

We are a trauma-informed law firm built with a compassionate team of psychologists, therapists and experienced attorneys with experience working with victims of sexual assault. We are aware of the long-term consequences that surviving a sexual assault entails and work day in and day out to ensure recovery. We pride ourselves on being a safe place for survivors and we allow our clients to work at their own measured pace. We communicate what to expect during litigation and allow our clients as much or as little control over the process as they feel comfortable with.

We conduct focus groups for each of our cases. This provides us with valuable feedback from the community about the issues involved in any particular case. The data obtained from these studies give us a sampling of how a jury may respond to said issues. These focus groups also help us determine a settlement range for a potential jury verdict.

We take pride in the fact that we have won numerous multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements for survivors of sexual abuse. It’s not just the combination of our skilled trial lawyers and our pool of experts and consultants that make our team at Estey & Bomberger unique. Our compassion and dedication for our clients sets us apart from other law firms and has won the esteem of both our clients and their families.

A criminal conviction punishes the assailant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much other than justice for the victim. After such a traumatic experience, the need for treatment and therapy lasts a lifetime. We know that while a large verdict or settlement from a civil lawsuit can’t fix the physical abuse and emotional trauma that was done. It can, however, help pay for treatment and will hopefully bring some amount of closure. Just as importantly, such a verdict can force institutions to change their unacceptable policies. By holding organizations which fail to protect their customers accountable for their negligence, we can bring about the changes that can prevent other women from being victims in the future.

Ride-sharing companies are now ubiquitous. Because of this, several passengers have been sexually assaulted by drivers who have criminal histories. These include felonies and violent crimes. Some are even registered sex offenders. This is due to the fact that Uber and Lyft require only a minimal background check through a third-party vendor and a DMV check. Due to these slack policies, people with criminal convictions slip through the system and are able to begin driving for these companies. Despite several passengers being sexually assaulted by drivers, Uber and Lyft still refuse to perform thorough, government-run, national background checks which include fingerprinting.

We not only advocate for our clients, but also for changes in these policies. We believe that these organizations should operate by performing government-run national background checks. These checks should not just occur at the time of hire but need to be repeated annually. Unfortunately, ride-sharing companies strenuously object to this idea and employ hundreds of lobbyists in an effort to avoid these types of regulations.

Obtaining large jury verdicts against institutions like school districts, private foster family agencies, and the clergy, just to name a few, forces these institutions to make changes in the way they protect their students/clients. It is our hope the same can be achieved with Uber and Lyft.

Our Uber sexual assault lawyers can help bring closure to those who have survived sexual abuse. Our services also provide a financial source for future therapy and treatment. Ultimately, we hope to prevent future victims of these failed policies by forcing ride-sharing companies to change their policies regarding background checks. It’s not enough for these companies to provide a “Panic Button” or “Call Me Button” on their App. These companies need to take the proper steps to prevent sexual assaults through the use of appropriate background checks.