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Ride Sharing Tips For Uber and Lyft Riders

Estey & Bomberger want you to be safe when using ride-sharing companies. Due to inadequate background checks on ride-sharing drivers, sexual assaults are on the rise. The most common target is a female who has been drinking and is riding alone with a stranger.

If a ridesharing driver is bold enough to enter a rider’s home, he has likely engaged her in enough conversation to determine if she lives by herself. Some drivers have assaulted female riders in their vehicle after driving to a dark location. Here are some tips to help protect your safety if you’re using a ride-sharing company alone.

  • DON’T drink so much that you don’t have control of your faculties
  • DON’T use a ride-sharing company if you are planning to drink and will be riding by yourself
  • DON’T call the driver directly for a ride even if he gives you his personal contact info
  • DON’T sit in the front seat with the driver if you are the only passenger in the car
  • DON’T divulge personal details about whether you live alone
  • DON’T mention you are single if you engage in conversation with the driver
  • DON’T let the driver assist you to your front door or hotel room
  • DO let a friend or family member know which ride-sharing company you’re using and the details of your ride, including the driver’s name
  • DO keep your friend or loved one informed about your ride status until you are safely at your destination
  • DO call 911 IMMEDIATELY if you feel like your safety is compromised