How Does the Legal Process Assist with Healing and Empowerment?
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How Does the Legal Process Assist with Healing and Empowerment

How Does the Legal Process Assist with Healing and Empowerment

If you’ve been sexually assaulted by a ride-sharing driver, filing a civil lawsuit to recover monetary damages can help with the healing process. It also helps to empower survivors. Consider the #Metoo movement. It began when one woman after another spoke out about sexual abuse at the hands of prominent, powerful men. This empowered more women to speak out against their abusers, spreading the message while enacting a change in the cultural dialog.

The prosecution of former Olympic and Michigan State doctor, Larry Nasser, was the direct result of survivors speaking out against the abuse. This monster is now rightly behind bars for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, criminal cases against sexual predators do virtually nothing for the survivors. While justice is served, and the predator’s freedoms are revoked, it can sometimes be only for a short period of time.

Conversely, the effects of sexual abuse on the victim can last a lifetime. This means therapy will be necessary, especially during critical points in the person’s life. We must hold other defendants, such as the ride-sharing company who don’t perform adequate background checks and expose riders to sexual predators, responsible for their part in the abuse. This accountability can help a victim with the long healing process.

The first step to healing is hope. This is why a monetary recovery is so important. For a victim to know that someone paid for their terrible actions, can go a long way on the path towards feeling whole again. This monetary recovery also provides a financial source for future therapy. The importance of therapy in such times as after a sexual assault cannot be understated. Therapy is like throwing a drowning person a life vest. It can help save a life.

With the combination of financial security and therapy, women may become empowered to speak out and help other women. Empowerment rises women above feeling a lack of control. A feeling which a majority of survivors suffer with after being sexually assaulted.

Empowerment is fueled by:

  • Autonomy. The ability to act as an independent agent. To act autonomously you need knowledge, self-confidence, and available meaningful choices.
  • Courage. The willingness to take risks, to speak up for yourself or others, and to depart from safe practices.
  • Responsibility. This speaks to the survivor’s obligations.

Your courage in coming forward and filing a civil lawsuit can bring about change in the policies of companies like Uber and Lyft. Policies changes such as full government-run background checks with fingerprinting. Survivors can make a difference in the lives of other women. Empower yourself and inspire those who have yet to come forth.

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