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Mary Claire

The Estey-Bomberger team achieved beyond the desired results, and made me feel safe during the process. I felt that they truly listened to me and are helping to affect change to create a world in which we can live in without fear by holding the guilty parties accountable to create change. Mike and Steve were passionate about the case and the cause which empowered me to have a voice and speak for those who could not come forward. I felt they genuinely cared about my well being before, during, and after the case. I highly encourage individuals to work with Estey-Bomberger because the more people who come forward, the greater an impact their work will make. I am grateful for having given myself this chance. It was a very painless process, in fact it helped in my healing. Initially, I was unsettled and overcome with anxiety by the idea of a civil lawsuit. I felt that would be profiting off of a terrible experience. I met with Mike twice, each time him coming to me, before deciding to continue. Each meeting was about what would help me to heal, he encouraged therapy, and to think about the idea of the lawsuit not as a profiting, but as holding corporations and institutions accountable for their decisions, and as a chance to have a voice and make a personal impact. My goal was that this never happen again, and while that was not a realistic goal, at least I could make it known that I would not stand for the corporation’s lack of consciousness. The firm would contact me as necessary to set up further meetings, and only requested letters. There was not a great time commitment besides the mediation, which was only one day. At mediation, I was able to face the opponent and feel that justice had been served and the defendants were held accountable for what they did. During the process, I felt that I could truly trust Mike and Steve. They were on my side. The impact was for my personal healing as well as progress the cause. Knowing they are helping more people to heal, knowing they are helping to affect change so that corporations will look at their role in helping to build and sustain a safe society, gives me hope and makes me feel that something good can come out of all off this.


Hello! I am plaintiff X,

I know, I know that’s really impersonal, but my name isn’t important. You are the important part of this interaction. I do not know what you have experienced and I cannot personally be in your shoes. What I do know if you are reading this, is you are in good hands. Estey and Bomberger made everything easy for me. I may not have had the same incident as you, but I am still healing from an incident similar to yours.

My first feeling after my incident was neediness. I needed seclusion and comfort at the same time. My immediate response was to call my partner and he was supportive. I had nothing on my mind except for being with someone who made me feel at home. Not everyone has someone who makes them feel home in an embrace, and to be honest the embrace had changed. It no longer felt the way it used to. Human touch had changed for me. Without my knowledge my partner found Estey and Bomberger.

I was confused by the whole process. I wanted answers and results. It started with paperwork I did not want to do and a healing process I was procrastinating to start. The first step was deciding a strategy and understanding this strategy may change as my process continued. In a time where the most unpredictable event happened to me, I was looking for a little bit more predictability. I did not receive this assurance until it reached the end of my process.

The most shocking part of this entire process was how easy it was. I did not have to worry about anything. Estey and Bomberger gathered all important information and made sure I felt confident and sure about my decisions along the way. Greg manages the cases and was at telephone reach at any moment. Mike was on my case and talking to him was like talking to family that understood.  The more comfortable I felt, the easier it was to trust. The more I trusted Estey and Bomberger, the more the anxiety of the situation fell.

The day of the mediation, Mike met me in the lobby, and I will not forget his welcoming face. I told him I was nervous and he reassured me I would not have to talk if I did not want to. During the mediation he made this come true. There were moments of discomfort and he made sure to comfort me in those moments and reassure me he is looking for my best interest. Once my mediation ended, I cannot explain the burden that felt lifted off my shoulder.

I was surprisingly more relieved than I thought I would be at the end of my process. Estey and Bomberger have a great office and immediately followed up and walked me through next steps. In my moment of shock, they connected me with consultants who advised me well on what to do with my settlement and structure. This was helpful since I did not have many trusted individuals to discuss money with who understood my situation. It meant a lot that Estey and Bomberger not only helped me through my case, but also wanted the best situation for me afterwards.

Be understanding, be patient, be adaptable and trust the process.

Love and Support,

Someone Who Gets It

Plaintiff X