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Can My Case Be Confidential?

As a survivor of sexual abuse you have the right to keep your identity private. When you initially report the crime to the police or sheriff’s department, be sure to request that they maintain your confidentiality.

We know what you’re going through. We understand your concern to remain anonymous. In a difficult time like this, you don’t want your name disclosed in public records. These records are regularly monitored by news agencies. That’s how people end up in the paper or on the evening news. This is the last thing anyone going through a life shattering event wants to happen.

When we file a lawsuit on your behalf, we maintain your confidentiality in the public court record. While the entire court record cannot be sealed due to public interest rights, we keep your identity confidential by designating you under a fictitious name, i.e., Jane Doe. Rest assured, the law recognizes that sexual assault survivors have an overriding right to privacy over the public’s interest in such matters.

Estey & Bomberger recognizes and respects the importance of anonymity for sexual assault survivors. If you are worried about maintaining your confidentiality, we are here to help ease your fears. Please call the Uber and Lyft sexual assault attorneys today for a free, confidential consultation (844) 848-3149.