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Survivor Stories

Tykaja’s Story

Lyft sexual assault survivor seeks to empower women to come forward ‘I have not heard anything from Lyft or had any support from them at all’ – Lyft sexual assault victim Tykaja Hall The case of 21-year-old Tykaja Hall is yet another example of how Lyft ignores customers and leaves them to
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Jade’s Story

Jade was falsely imprisoned by her Lyft driver and says the company didn’t take her complaint seriously A birthday dinner took a disastrous turn when a young woman named Jade was held prisoner by her Lyft driver. Jade’s case is yet another example of why ride-hailing companies need more stringent safety regulations.
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Erin’s Story

Lyft rape victim hopes civil lawsuit will empower other victims to come forward An army veteran who is trained in self-defense was unable to defend herself against a Lyft driver who was determined to sexually assault her but says it’s “pointless” to blame herself. The victim, 35-year-old Erin, says she froze, panicked
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