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Safety Tips

What Are the 3 Types of Trauma?

Psychological trauma occurs after a person experiences an event that is extremely stressful, such as active combat, violent accidents, and incidents of sexual violence. While not everyone who experiences a stressful event will develop trauma, psychological damage is unfortunately common among survivors of sexual assault. There are several types of trauma a
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Can Social Media Affect My Sexual Assault Case?

If you have a pending court date, it is very important to watch what you post online. Prosecutors and defense attorneys use social media to establish character, affirm timelines, and present evidence to the courtroom. Social media can be detrimental to the victim and the perpetrator alike, so it is crucial to
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What Is the Screening Process for Uber Drivers?

Rideshare apps are a popular transportation option for millions of people around the world. Requesting a ride through a smartphone app is convenient and affordable—but it can also be a risky decision. Many passengers have reported their Uber drivers for violent and reckless behaviors, such as physical altercations, dangerous driving, and sexual
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House Passes Sami’s Law

In March 2019, a man posing as an Uber driver murdered college student Samantha Josephson in Columbia, South Carolina. Josephson, known as Sami to her friends and family, mistook another vehicle for her Uber after a night out with friends. Josephson’s murder was a wake-up call to many on the risks of
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How to Stay Safe in Social Situations

Social situations such as parties, bar events, or dates can be dangerous without proper precautions. Many sexual assault survivors suffer this act of violence while spending time with friends or acquaintances, unaware of certain red flags and dangerous behaviors. While sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor, there are important
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How Art Can Help Sexual Assault Survivors

Creative expression is important, especially for sexual assault survivors. Studies show that art can be an effective tool for healing in mental health treatment programs, where art therapy is an important component in patients’ treatment regimens. For survivors of sexual assault, art creates a safe, healthy outlet to express emotions and process
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10 Ways to Heal After Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can lead to significant emotional turmoil for months or even years following the act of violence. If you are a survivor, finding pathways to recovery can be a challenge — but with the right support and resources, healing is possible. There are many actions you can take to seek justice
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