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Estey & Bomberger featured on Oxygen’s “RIDESHARE NIGHTMARES: Safety, Strangers and Sexual Assault”

Estey & Bomberger was recently featured in an episode of Oxygen’s “The Dark Web Exposed”. You can watch episode 4 from season 2 titled “Rideshare Nighmares: Safety, Strangers and Sexual Assault” which features sexual assault victim advocate Olivia Zechinni and attorney Kristen Barton. You can watch the episode here on the Oxygen
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What Is Retraumatization and What Triggers It?

Retraumatization occurs when a person who has experienced a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, recalls the event in vivid detail and in turn relives his or her experience. The survivor may also experience retraumatization when he or she engages in behaviors that mimic the original trauma or in situations similar to
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Uber may face big fines for refusing to cooperate with California Public Utilities Commission

According to an article published on September 1, 2020, in the Los Angeles Times, the ridesharing giant Uber may face big fines for stonewalling the California Public Utilites Commission in regard to the company’s sexual assault data. Uber has spent nine months battling California regulators’ demands for detailed information on sexual harassment and
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House Passes Sami’s Law

In March 2019, a man posing as an Uber driver murdered college student Samantha Josephson in Columbia, South Carolina. Josephson, known as Sami to her friends and family, mistook another vehicle for her Uber after a night out with friends. Josephson’s murder was a wake-up call to many on the risks of
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Rideshare Drivers Win Ruling on Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are increasing in importance during the COVID-19 pandemic, with record-breaking unemployment rates and mass layoffs across the country. The rideshare industry has seen a massive reduction in the number of passengers during COVID-19, and many Uber and Lyft drivers are losing important income as a result. While Uber and Lyft
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