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What to Expect in a Sexual Assault Trial

After a sexual assault occurs, a survivor has multiple pathways to justice and healing. You can choose to pursue criminal charges against the perpetrator as well as a civil lawsuit for your damages. In a criminal case, your case may go to trial and you will need to present your case in
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What Are the Types of Sexual Assault?

Sexual violence is an all-encompassing term that refers to any sexual activity that occurs without the consent of the victim. It can include acts of physical violence, such as sexual assault or abuse, as well as electronic harassment, inappropriate comments, and stalking. Sexual assault is one of the most common forms of
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What Is the Screening Process for Uber Drivers?

Rideshare apps are a popular transportation option for millions of people around the world. Requesting a ride through a smartphone app is convenient and affordable—but it can also be a risky decision. Many passengers have reported their Uber drivers for violent and reckless behaviors, such as physical altercations, dangerous driving, and sexual
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[Study] Sexual Assault in Uber and Lyft Vehicles

More Americans are using rideshare services than ever before. In fact, 36 percent of adults reported having taken an Uber or Lyft at least once. Usage among younger, more affluent adults in urban areas is even higher. However, while Uber and Lyft services are convenient and cost-effective for most, they do not
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Uber may face big fines for refusing to cooperate with California Public Utilities Commission

According to an article published on September 1, 2020, in the Los Angeles Times, the ridesharing giant Uber may face big fines for stonewalling the California Public Utilites Commission in regard to the company’s sexual assault data. Uber has spent nine months battling California regulators’ demands for detailed information on sexual harassment and
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What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault can impact your mind, body, and psychological well-being. Experiencing an assault can affect you for years after the event, leading to serious complications. Many survivors develop mental health conditions, severe reactions to triggering events, and unhealthy and dangerous coping mechanisms, among other adverse effects, following their assault. #1: Depression Depression
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