Why Is My Uber Account Disabled?
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Why Is My Uber Account Disabled?

Uber has a responsibility to keep its service safe for all people who use it, including drivers and passengers. To control its community, Uber will disable the accounts of drivers who act in violent, excessively disrespectful, or dangerous ways toward their passengers. If Uber suddenly disabled your account without warning, there are a few common reasons that could explain this sudden change.

 #1: Your Riders Gave You a Poor Rating

At the end of every ride, Uber will ask your riders to provide a rating for your services. Uber has a minimum rating that each driver must maintain while working for the company, and this number varies based on where you drive. Uber recommends that all drivers maintain a rating of at least 4.6 based on their last 100 trips.

If a rider gives you less than 5 stars, Uber will ask why he or she did not give you a perfect rating. Depending on the reason that he or she gives, Uber will decide whether or not to keep that rating in your average – for example, if the rating was due to traffic, Uber will exclude it because it was outside of your control.

If you consistently receive low ratings and your average falls under the minimum you must maintain, Uber will inform you that you are in danger of disabling whenever you accept a trip. If you continue to receive low ratings after these warnings, Uber will disable your account.

#2: You Have an Unauthorized Firearm in Your Vehicle

Uber has a very strict firearms policy – no rider, driver, or delivery partner can carry a firearm in the vehicle at any time while using the app. You can only keep a firearm in your vehicle if you comply with the following Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.

  • The firearm does not contain any ammunition.
  • You are keeping your firearm locked in a hard-sided container in your trunk.
  • All ammunition, magazines, clips, and other parts are inside your trunk.

If your firearm is in a visible place during the ride, such as in your glove compartment, and your passenger reports this to Uber, the company can disable your account. Make sure to keep your firearms at home or in your trunk in accordance with TSA at all times,

#3: You Acted in a Disrespectful Manner Toward Your Passengers

Uber takes passenger safety and security very seriously and can remove a driver from its platform if a passenger reports feeling unsafe or discriminated against. If you engage in any of the following behaviors, Uber will most likely disable your account.

  • You visited, texted, or called a passenger after you completed his or her ride.
  • You made a rude or threatening comment about a passenger’s sex, gender, religion, or disability.
  • You flirted with a passenger who did not want that type of attention.
  • You committed an act of sexual harassment or sexual assault.

#4: You Broke the Law

Uber requires all drivers to operate their vehicles in a safe and secure manner. As an Uber driver, you must comply with local and federal laws at all times, including traffic law. If a passenger reports that you broke a traffic law or violated the rights of a passenger, Uber can disable your account and remove you from the platform.

Common legal violations that could lead to removal include the following:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Refusing to provide a ride to a service animal
  • Failing to use the appropriate car seat
  • Driving in a dangerous manner, such as swerving or reacting aggressively to other vehicles on the road

Can You Reactivate a Disabled Uber Account?

Uber can disable driver accounts for a number of reasons, including the possession of firearms, acting in a disrespectful manner, or committing a violent crime. If you believe that Uber disabled your account in error, you can appeal the decision by taking steps to improve your performance or behavior. Contact Uber directly to determine the necessary steps for your deactivation case.

If you are the victim of a crime at the hands of an Uber driver or passenger, you may have the right to seek justice against him or her through a personal injury lawsuit or criminal action. Speak to a rideshare attorney as soon as possible after your injury to discuss your next steps.