What Is Uber’s Quiet Mode?
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What Is Uber’s Quiet Mode?

Do you prefer to use rideshare apps in silence? Whether you suffer from social anxiety or are just not in the mood to make small talk, having a talkative Uber driver can be tiresome. In addition, many people have reported instances of sexual harassment at the hands of their Uber drivers. Uber’s new Quiet Mode could allow passengers to avoid these uncomfortable and scary interactions.

Why Did Uber Launch Quiet Mode?

Uber’s Quiet Mode allows certain passengers to request that the driver does not talk to them throughout the duration of the ride. You may not want to talk to your driver because you have had a long day, you have social anxiety, or you are just not in the mood for conversation. It has been uncomfortable for many Uber riders to feel as if they have to make conversation with their drivers. However, it was not any run-of-the-mill passenger that pushed Uber to make this change.

Television personality and businesswoman Martha Stewart gave the company an infamously bad review in 2018, when she ordered an Uber Black, the app’s most expensive option, to Tiffany’s in New York City. Stewart posted a scathing review on Instagram, complaining the car was dirty, did not arrive at the right location, and the first car she called did not show up. Uber decided to work with Stewart to implement a number of changes to its Uber Black option, including Quiet Mode.

How Can You Request Quiet Mode?

While Quiet Mode can benefit all Uber passengers, you can only request this option if you are riding in an Uber Black. These rides can be up to three times more expensive than the standard UberX ride, making Quiet Mode not as accessible to the average passenger. In addition, it often takes a long time for Uber Black rides to arrive because they are not as common as regular Ubers. They may not be available in your area at all.

Uber Black is expensive because the company guarantees the following features in addition to Quiet Mode when you order one.

  • High-end black cars
  • Temperature regulation
  • Luggage assistance
  • Highly-rated professional drivers

The Benefits of Quiet Mode

If you are in a position to request an Uber with Quiet Mode, you could experience numerous benefits that can increase your safety and comfort.

  • You can catch up on extra work in peace while taking an Uber Black in Quiet Mode. Your driver will not interrupt you during this time.
  • If you have social anxiety, you will not have to worry about making unnecessary conversation with your driver. The pressure decreases and you can relax in your ride.
  • Quiet Mode can also cut down on the presence of harassment in Uber rides. Your driver cannot speak to you, so you do not have to worry about unwanted advances, uncomfortable comments, or verbal abuse.

Is Uber’s Quiet Mode Safer?

Many Uber passengers have reported feeling unsafe while on a ride. Sometimes, the driver can make inappropriate comments or say something violent or abusive toward them. Many women, in particular, have reported Uber drivers for inappropriate touching and advances, as well as sexual assault.

If there is no opportunity to speak with your Uber driver in the first place, you could decrease the number of times that these violent and uncomfortable incidents happen in the first place. As a result, taking an Uber in Quiet Mode may be safer than using a traditional Uber.

If you have the opportunity to use Uber’s new Quiet Mode, take advantage of it. This feature could cut down on uncomfortable interactions and boost your peace of mind. However, Uber drivers can still commit harassment and violence, even with Quiet Mode enabled. If you experienced emotional or physical damage due to the actions of an Uber driver, contact an Uber sexual assault lawyer as soon as possible.