San Antonio area Uber driver arrested on sexual assault charges
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San Antonio area Uber driver and former police officer accused of sexually assaulting passenger

Luis Deleon Uber Driver

Uber driver and former Leon Valley police officer Luis Alberto Deleon Jr.

San Antonio ABC affiliate KSAT reports that Luis Alberto Deleon Jr., was arrested on a second-degree felony sexual assault charge on Tuesday April 25, 2023. The charge comes after area police say Deleon forced a woman to perform oral sex on him during an Uber ride where he was driving her home in February.

According to authorities, the woman was spending time with friends at a bar when she ordered an Uber to take her home around 2 in the morning on February 25th. The woman sat in the rear passenger seat of Deleon’s vehicle during the ride while he began to make small talk about her night out with friends. At that point, Deleon asked the woman to get in the front seat, but she declined. Deleon asked the woman again, becoming verbally aggressive and threatened to pull over. When the woman declined again, police say he pulled the vehicle over, got into the back seat of the vehicle, and sexually assaulted the woman by forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

The woman made several attempts to stop the assault, but was unsuccessful in getting away from Deleon’s attack. Following the assault, Deleon dropped the woman off at her home. The following day the woman went to the hospital and reported the assault to police. Following his arrest, Deleon was released from custody on a $50,000 bond. Court records show that as part of his release, Deleon has been required to wear a GPS tracker. A sheriff told KSAT that Deleon is a former police officer who worked in Leon Valley.

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