Uber Driver Who Pleaded Guilty to Raping Passenger is Out on Probation
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Uber Driver Who Pleaded Guilty to Raping Passenger is Out on Probation

WBAL-TV in Baltimore reports that Joshua Robinson, a former Uber driver accused of raping his passenger who pleaded guilty in the case is out on probation. Robinson faces a 10-year sentence in prison if he violates his probation.

A woman, who declined being identified, came to see Robinson face a judge Wednesday, March 4th, following the June assault of one of his passengers. A rape survivor herself, the woman sat in a Towson courtroom in support of another victim, involving a different case and a different suspect.

“Even though I didn’t know the victim, I know that she’s a human being, that she has a name, that’s she’s valuable, that she’s precious, and that’s all I needed to know,” the woman said.

According to prosecutors, Robinson picked up a drunken woman from a wedding party in Baltimore City. Her parents later tracked her phone to a street in Timonium. That’s where prosecutors said her father found her inside Robinson’s car, crying uncontrollably, alleging she had been raped.

The victim admits not remembering much during the alleged attack, and at the end of the hearing, Robinson pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sex assault and second-degree assault. Despite his plea, he was released from custody on probation.

“If there’s a violation of probation, the judge could give him the backup time, which is hanging over him,” said defense attorney Steve Freedman.

Robinson was ordered to not have any contact with the victim or the victim’s family. If he violates his probation, he could have to register as a sex offender. This is outcome is far from the justice Robinson’s victim deserved. Her life will never be the same. I seems inconceivable that an Uber driver could sexually assault a passenger and still walk away with his freedom.

This case highlights the importance of proper representation when seeking justice. As advocates for victims of sexual assault, our hearts go out to the woman who suffered at the hands of Joshua Robinson. She survived her assault, only to watch Johnson plead guilty and remain with his freedom intact.