Tips for Uber and Lyft Riders
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Tips for Uber and Lyft Riders

With both Uber and Lyft becoming publicly traded companies in 2019, the safety of riders using these ride-share apps is receiving more attention. Both CNN and Newsweek have conducted investigations into the shocking number of cases of rape and sexual assault drivers for Uber and Lyft have perpetrated on riders. One thing is clear, both of these companies don’t do enough to protect their riders, as time and again their vetting process has been proven to be insufficient.

Take precaution

Until ride-share companies make major changes into the way they select their drivers, that leaves rider safety up to the rider. These Uber and Lyft may say that rider safety is important, but their lack of oversight illustrates that this simply is not true. Due to the rise of people impersonating Uber and Lyft drivers, be sure to request your ride inside. Wait inside until the app alerts you that the driver has arrived. This will minimize the chances in getting into a car that may not be your ride.

Be sure you confirm that you are getting into the right car with the right driver when you take a trip with Uber or Lyft. Check the license plate, car make and model, and the photo of the driver provided by the app. Do not get into a vehicle should any of these details not match up. On top of this, be sure the driver confirms your name. You can do this by simply asking, “Who are you here to pick up?”. Do not offer your name ahead of time.

There are a number of tips if you are riding alone. Always sit in the back seat. Not only does this allow you to safely exit either side of the vehicle, it also giver you and the driver plenty of space. Share your trip details with friends or loved ones. This can be done with the, “Share trip status” in the app which will share your driver’s name, photo, license plate, and location with a friend or family member. An extra step would be to call someone during the duration of the trip to ensure you arrive at your destination safely.

All of these little steps might seem like extra work, but they are important for your safety. Above all, follow you intuition. If something seems off, and the situation becomes urgent, call 911 immediately. You can do so through the app and your realtime location and trip details will be shared with the dispatcher.

You have rights

While these guidelines can help you stay safe, many drivers who assault riders will prey upon the intoxicated. In these cases, riders were doing the right thing by taking an Uber or Lyft instead of driving under the influence. If you did not give consent and were sexually assaulted by a ride sharing driver, whether you were intoxicated or not, you have a case. Call Estey & Bomberger today for a free, confidential consultation (844) 848-3149.