Long-overdue Lyft safety report shows more than 4,000 sexual assaults occurred in three-year period
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Long-overdue Lyft safety report shows more than 4,000 sexual assaults occurred in three-year period

“Ride-hailing company refuses to accept responsibility for drivers’ criminal behavior” – attorney Steve Estey

Lyft’s first ever safety report covers 2017-2019, when 4,158 sexual assault incidents were reported. The figure includes 360 rapes.

In addition, there were 10 fatal physical assaults reported.

Despite Lyft’s so-called commitment to safety, the company continues to resist recording all rides, a safety measure that could effectively end the sexual assault problem.

In late 2019, Estey & Bomberger filed mass tort lawsuits against Lyft on behalf of dozens of women who were raped and/or sexually assaulted by Lyft drivers.

The lawsuits said it was time for Lyft to put safety first and protect the vulnerable riders, mostly women, who place their trust in Lyft.

The ride-hailing company has known about the nationwide criminal behavior since its early days.

For example, a young, blind woman, who is listed in an Estey Bomberger lawsuit as Jane Roe 10, was allegedly sexually assaulted by a driver in Alabama who mocked her about her blindness and threatened to take her cane away.

Lyft sexual assault victims who participated in a 2019 news conference repeatedly called on the ride-hailing company to record all rides.

“Just about every one of these sexual assaults was preventable,” attorney Steve Estey said. “Yet the company continues to refuse to put recording devices in vehicles. Lyft is a technology company and they should use all available technology to protect passengers from predator drivers.”

The byproduct of Lyft’s decisions is that women’s lives are devastated by these rapes and assaults. They deserve to be compensated and it’s the job of Estey Bomberger to see that it happens.

Women who have been victimized by Lyft drivers are urged to come forward to help change “Lyft’s bottom-line culture.” Women who do come forward with claims will also protect “future riders from being assaulted by those who drive for Lyft.”

Lyft’s report comes more than three years after its May 2018 commitment to disclose safety data.

Lyft’s main competitor, Uber, made the same commitment in May 2018 and issued its safety report in December 2019. The Uber report showed that 5,981 passengers and drivers were raped or sexually assaulted between 2017-2018.

It’s estimated that only one in three women reports being raped or sexually assaulted, so the number of ride-hailing victims is likely much higher than the public reports indicate.

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Attorney Mike Bomberger understands that women’s lives are devastated by sexual assault and rapes by Lyft drivers. He is leading the legal efforts to ensure that these women get compensated and that the bottom line culture of Lyft is changed. Contact us now to learn how you can join these women who are coming forward.


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