Indian Cab-Hailing Service Ola Rolls Out AI-Enabled Safety Feature in 17 Cities
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Indian Cab-Hailing Service Ola Rolls Out AI-Enabled Safety Feature in 17 Cities

On Monday, December 16, Indian cab-hailing service Ola, announced the rollout of an AI-enabled safety feature. Named,  ‘Guardian’, the safety feature will be available in 16 Indian cities and Perth, Australia.

The new feature is aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers who use the service. Real-time data from rides can automatically detect irregular trip activity, such as stops that are longer than normal and unexpected changes en route. If an alert is triggered, Ola’s 24×7 safety response team will immediately reach out to customers and drivers in order to confirm safety. If needed, the safety response team can offer on-the-call assistance until ride completion.

Customers also have the option of alerting the authorities and their loved ones at the same time using the app’s emergency button. Ola claims that the Guardian technology enables the company to continuously learn and evolve from millions of data points every single day, to improve the safety of both customers and drivers.

While the effectiveness of the Guardian system has yet to be proven, it is good to know that Ola is developing systems to ensure the safety of their passengers. Meanwhile, companies such as Lyft and Uber are well behind when it comes to rider safety. If you believe that you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual assault by an Uber or Lyft driver contact us immediately to explore your legal options and get help today. We believe you, and we will have your back.