Miami area Uber driver arrest on alleged kidnapping charges
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Miami Uber driver arrested on charges of kidnapping, battery, and indecent exposure

Wilder Ariel Sosaolivero

Miami area Uber driver Wilder Ariel Sosaolivero

CBS news reports that Miami area Uber driver, Wilder A. Sosaolivero, is in police custody after making unwanted sexual advances to a female passenger during a trip in February 2023. According to a police report, Sosaolivero allegedly touched the woman and displayed his genitals. Following his arrest, Sosaolivero faces charges of felony kidnapping as well as misdemeanor charges of battery and indecent exposure.

After an appearance before Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer, Sosaolivero is being held without bond on the felony kidnapping charge. During the appearance, Judge Glazer found cause for the charges against Sosaolivero and ordered him to stay away from the 27-year-old survivor.

During the hearing, Glazer said, “He’s an Uber driver and he made several sexual advances towards the victim. He reportedly took the victim to his residence and he did that without her consent.”

Driver ignored survivor’s pleas

According to a statement giving to investigators by the victim, she ordered an Uber on February 22 around 9:00 p.m. to take her home when Sosaolivero arrived in a 2015 Ford Taurus. During the drive, Sosaolivero made multiple unwanted sexual advances to the woman who was sitting in the front passenger seat, including touching her thigh “in a sexual manner”. Police also say he allegedly told the woman he was going to take her to his home and exposed his genitals to her.

Detective Scarlett Hernandez stated, “While on the drive, he made several sexual advances, to include touching her and exposing himself. She was very much in fear for her life and she pleaded with him several times to drop me off at her home and he did not listen.”

The incident was reported to Hialeah police received the incident report on February 28 and Sosaolivero allegedly confessed to police during questioning before being taken to Miami-Dade jail.

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