Lawyers for Survivors of Uber Driver in Pittsburgh Richard Lomotey
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Lawyers for Survivors of Uber Driver in Pittsburgh Richard Lomotey

On Monday May 20, Richard Lomotey an Uber driver in Pittsburgh, was charged with kidnapping multiple women. Lomotey is an assistant professor of information science and technology at Penn State University who worked a side job as a Pittsburgh Uber driver. This is the third charge of kidnapping Richard Lomotey faces from three separate women stemming from incidents that occurred on Saturday May 11.

The third victim came forward after recognizing Richard Lomotey on the news as the man who had held her against her will on that Saturday night. According to the victim, she was outside at a nightclub when she saw a car with an Uber decal and jumped in the front passenger seat. The woman said that during the ride, Lomotey kept asking about her relationship status.

The passenger said every time she unlocked the car doors, Lomotey would lock them, the documents said. According to court documents, “They began tussling because she wanted to leave the vehicle,” and “during the tussle her shirt and bra were ripped.” The woman told police “she was so afraid she opened the door and jumped from the moving vehicle at an unknown location” and the car sped away.

Lomotey was initially arrested on May 11 in a similar incident. According to the criminal complaint, two women told police that they were getting an Uber ride home when their driver, Lomotey, ignored his GPS and instead drove an indirect route. Lomotey allegedly asked the riders if they were single and complimented them on their appearances.

According to the criminal complaint, at one point Lomotey allegedly pulled over, locked the car and told the victims, “you’re not going anywhere.” The victims leapt from the car to escape. They later showed police a photo of the suspect and his license plate from the Uber app.

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