Cobb County Uber driver charged with sexual battery, fraud, & theft
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Cobb County Uber driver charged with sexual battery of woman he drove home from the hospital

Serigne Diop

Former Cobb County Uber Serigne Diop

WSB-TV reports on a woman who suffered sexual battery at the hands of her Cobb County Uber driver. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, says that she ordered an Uber to take her home from the hospital following foot surgery.

The woman said that when she arrived home, her driver, Serigne Diop, helped her inside. She says she fell on the way inside, when Diop swooped her up and took her inside. She says once they were inside she couldn’t get him to leave and he began to rub her shoulders, put his hands down her shirt and pants, and even tried to kiss her.

The woman was able to finally get Diop to leave, but realized he had taken her phone and had accessed her financial apps. She says he stole thousands of dollars and made several attempts to take even more from the woman. In addition to charges of sexual batter, Diop faces charges of theft and fraud.

Although the alleged even occurred back in 2021, the woman says the progress of her case is moving forward at a frustratingly slow pace. Diop was charged in January 2022, and arraigned later in the year, but failed to show up to his court date. He is now in custody for failure to appear and is expected back in court in February, 2023.

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