Chicago, IL, Lyft Driver Rimon Kazzoo Charged with Raping Passenger
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Chicago, IL, Lyft Driver Rimon Kazzoo Charged with Raping Passenger

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Rimon Kazzoo, a Lyft driver in Chicago, was arrested on Wednesday, May 20th, and faces a felony count of criminal sexual assault in connection to an incident that occurred on the evening of December 5th, 2018. According to Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy, Kazzoo picked up the 26-year-old woman at a bar in the 1500 block of North Wells Street and drove her north instead of in the direction of her home.

The woman told him he was headed the wrong way, which prompted Kazzoo to turn the car around. Once they arrived outside the woman’s home near 31st Street and Wentworth Avenue, she reported fell asleep in the back seat. The woman woke up to Kazzoo sexually assaulting her, yelled “no,” and scratched his neck before breaking free of her assailant.

The woman realized her pants were pulled down to her ankles as she left the car. She then went to her home across the street. She proceeded to tell her relatives about the attack and then swabbed her fingernails. She went outside and found her underwear in the street, the next morning. The woman waited a few hour before sh went to Northwest Memorial Hospital to have a sexual assault kit performed. Kazzoo’s DNA was discovered in her and on her clothes.

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While Rimon Kazzoe has been arrested, the full extent of his abuse is unclear. There may be other victims in the Chicago, IL, area.

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