AP States "Lyft’s good-guy image tainted by sexual assault lawsuits"
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AP States “Lyft’s good-guy image tainted by sexual assault lawsuits”

A recent article released by the Associated Press and published nationwide by various outlets such as the Seattle Times details how Lyft, who built it’s reputation as a safer alternative to Uber, is now having to deal with lawsuits brought on by dozens of women who claim they were sexually assaulted due to the company’s lack of driver oversight.

The article touches upon the stories of multiple young women who, after having been sexually assaulted by Lyft drivers, were offered little more than a refund on their fare. These women say their experiences were dismissed by the company, and how in-car monitoring and fingerprint-based background checks would offer passengers protection from the predators that assaulted them. Lyft declined an interview for the story, but offered up a boilerplate response about how they are “thinking about the safety of our platform.”

Lawsuits, including a number brought on by Estey & Bomberger, are eroding the reputation Lyft has built, as a safer alternative to Uber. Meanwhile, Uber has released a report revealing that they do have a problem with drivers sexually assaulting passenger, and that they are taking steps to minimize the problem. Lyft on the other hand is not taking the necessary steps to ensure rider safety.

It is pointed out that while Lyft uses the illusion of rider safety as a promotional tool, the reality is far from what is advertised. One woman interviewed says that when given the option between Uber and Lyft, she chooses Lyft because for a reason she can’t put a finger on, Lyft somehow feels safer. Unfortunately the perception has proved to be false.

The article interviewed our attorney, Micheal Bomberger who is quoted as saying, “The fact that people perceive Lyft as safer is just ignorance.” Our firm currently represents more than 50 riders who say they were assaulted by Lyft drivers and 50 to 100 who say they were assaulted by Uber drivers.

If you have been assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can hold these companies accountable and help you through this challenging time.