New York City Uber Driver Convicted of Kidnaping
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New York City Uber Driver Convicted of Kidnaping

Dangerous people know about the shortcomings of the hiring practices of Uber and Lyft. They take advantage of the lax vetting practices and are granted access to a large number unsuspecting riders. Sexual assaults and kidnappings by Uber and Lyft drivers is not as uncommon as you may suspect. 

A New York City Uber driver has been convicted of kidnaping a woman who fell asleep inside his car. Harbir Parmar faces three years in federal prison and has been ordered to pay restitution over $3,600 for overcharging riders. 

According to prosecutors, the kidnapping happened in February 2018. A woman ordered an Uber from Manhattan to White Plains. When his passenger fell asleep, Parmer changed the rider’s destination to Boston. When the woman awoke, she found Parmar groping her under her shirt. The woman was left on the roadside somewhere in Connecticut. 

Estey & Bomberger fights for the rights of women who have been assaulted by Uber and Lyft drivers. We believe in holding these companies accountable for the actions of their drivers. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual assault by an Uber or Lyft driver, contact us immediately to explore your legal options and get help today.