A Lack of Investigators
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A Lack of Investigators

In July of 2015, a woman named Brenda from Austin joined her girlfriend for what was supposed to be a fun night out. She had been going through some things, and thought a night out socializing would be a nice change of pace. Brenda, who was admittedly intoxicated, decided to go home around 11 o’clock. Her friends used Lyft to arrange a ride, and walked her to the car to make sure she got in with the right person. On the way home, Brenda remembers coming to in a fog, with the Lyft driver’s face on her chest. She quickly feel back to sleep. It was the next morning before she realized she had been raped.

Brenda called the Austin police, and over the next few months, realized that the number of sexual assault cases far outnumbered the detectives able to actively investigate each case. Upon attempting to schedule a first interview, Brenda had the investigator reschedule multiple times. All Brenda wanted was to tell the story and get the process started, but she was left having to follow up time and agin just to get updates on her case. 

This experience is a familiar story to some sexual assault survivors. They can feel overwhelmed with the prospect of moving their case forward. Even Brenda considered giving up, but she insisted on the case making progress. Her persistence saw the man who sexually assaulted her plead guilty. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Today, knowing that he is behind bars and that the case is over gives Brenda a sense of satisfaction. She received justice.

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