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What Is Bystander Intervention?

Sexual violence is a rampant issue across the United States, affecting thousands of people each year. While many of us recognize these actions as wrong and inappropriate, we can hesitate to intervene when we see someone acting in a sexually violent way toward another person. By promoting bystander intervention, we can all
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Senator Richard Blumenthal Calls for Uber & Lyft to Take Steps to Protect Riders from Sexual Assault

According to the News Times, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal called for ridesharing giants Uber and Lyft to take new steps to protect passengers from drivers accused of sexual abuse. His actions stem from two people in separate cases in Fairfield County who said they were assaulted by their rideshare driver. “Everywhere in
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How to Drink Alcohol Responsibly

From fancy dinners to bars to house parties, drinking alcohol is common in social situations. However, alcohol can severely impair our motor skills, memory, decision-making, and ability to determine whether or not we are in a dangerous situation. In addition, perpetrators of sexual violence can use alcohol to coerce or trap their
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What Is the Difference Between Uber and Lyft?

The ride share industry is rapidly growing in the United States and around the world, but two major corporations hold the majority of the power: Uber and Lyft. Although these apps have two very similar interfaces and modes of operation, Uber and Lyft actually differ in a few key ways. With this
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Myths About Sexual Violence

While sexual violence is a widespread problem across the United States, there are many myths that surround it. Many people can believe that sexual violence falls under a single definition, or that most people who report sexual violence are not telling the truth. These myths can make it more difficult for survivors
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