Have you been assaulted by an Uber driver & been contacted by Crawford & Co to settle your case ?
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Have you been assaulted by an Uber driver & been contacted by Crawford & Co to settle your case ?

Why is Crawford & Co. contacting assault victims to settle their claims?

We believe that Crawford and Crawford is contacting sexual assault victims on behalf of Uber in an attempt to help Uber settle cases quickly and cheaply.

Who is Crawford & Co.?

Crawford & Co. are the agents and representatives of Uber – the same company that has hidden the number of assaults that occur in their vehicles, and have refused to take effective measures to prevent assaults in their vehicles.

What is the value of your claim as a result of being sexually assaulted?

We believe that these claims have tremendous monetary value. We understand that these assaults result in harm that lasts a lifetime. We believe any settlement offers that do not reflect a lifetime of damages are unfair and unreasonable. Our law firm has tried multiple sexual assault cases and every single case resulted in a verdict in excess of $1 million. Please see our results page to see the values and amounts for settlements and verdicts that our clients have gotten on sex assault cases.

Do you think you can trust uber or Crawford & Co. to offer a fair or reasonable settlement for sexual assault?

Crawford & Co. are the representatives of Uber, not the representatives of you. Crawford & Co. have been hired by Uber, the same company that has drivers assaulting passengers throughout the country. Uber is the same company that could have taken multiple steps to prevent assaults against their passengers and this is why we believe these claims have tremendous monetary value. Crawford & Co. are working on behalf of Uber to try and settle these cases for as little as possible. Crawford & Co. have been hired by Uber to get claims settled for what we believe are ridiculously low settlements.

What should you know about Crawford & Co. settlement offers?

Crawford and Co. has contacted our clients and attempted to give them what we believe are minimal and ridiculously low offers for settlements as a result of being sexually assaulted. We were recently contacted by a young woman who was raped by her uber driver. Crawford & Co. has attempted to offer her $21,500 for being raped. They have offered her $21,500 for a lifetime of harm. They have attempted to offer her $21,500 for having her life turned inside and out. Additionally, there are studies that show that the medical treatment necessary for a sexual assault victim over their lifetime is well over $100,000. This medical treatment is only a fraction of what we believe the value of these cases are. As an example of how absurd we believe the settlements offers are, our office has never had a sexual assault verdict less than $1 million dollars.

What happens after your sexual assault?

In the days and weeks following what is likely the most terrifying event of your life, a sexual assault at the hands of your rideshare driver. You are going through an ever-changing range of emotions – shame, rage, sorrow and depression. It is at this time that many women throughout the country get a call or personal contact by an employee of Crawford & Company, a claims resolution company hired by rideshare companies to quickly settle your claim against them. We believe that Crawford’s sole purpose is to quickly settle your case and protect their client. Crawford & Co. does not represent you; they represent Uber. Please contact an attorney that can represent you and help you get a fair settlement or resolution to your claim.

What can a sexual assault attorney do for you?

At Estey & Bomberger, we know that you don’t ask for our help because you want money. We believe you. We know that women do not complain of sexual assault that have not been assaulted. We know you’d do almost anything not to have gone through what you have. We know that you want to bring changes to the rideshare industry so other woman are not assaulted as you were. We believe very strongly that Crawford & Company and Uber don’t care about change; they care about profits and protecting their brand. Uber could have taken multiple steps to reduce the number of women that are assaulted in their vehicles but have refused to do so.

What can our legal team at Estey & Bomberger do for you?

Your team at Estey & Bomberger consists of skilled attorneys and advocates that are here to help you in your recovery. Our Sexual Assault Victims Advocates will provide you with emotional support and connect you with resources to help you to recover and get well again. Your attorneys will make the rideshare company and its driver accountable for their actions. Our advocacy has already brought significant safety changes to the rideshare industry and our multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts continue to force real change – change that protects future riders.

If you have been sexually assaulted in a ride share vehicle, it is important that you contact Estey & Bomberger and not allow Crawford & Company to make you a victim again. Estey & Bomberger’s award winning attorneys will put your best interest first. We will advocate on your behalf to Uber or Lyft, while you continue the important process of healing. Crawford & Company put the interest of the rideshare company first and will pay no mind to your pain and what it will take for you to get through this.