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Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Madison is a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate for Estey & Bomberger. She is here to listen to you, believe you, and guide you on your path to healing. Madison works with our attorneys to make you feel empowered and comfortable throughout the entire legal process.

Madison understands the unique experience of survivors. She is knowledgeable about the dynamics of domestic/intimate partner violence, sexual assault, discrimination, and other gender-based violence and crimes. Madison uses trauma-informed approaches and her background in Psychology and Women’s Studies to care for survivors of sexual assault. She believes in the power of storytelling and wants every survivor to be listened to and taken seriously.

Madison’s passion stems from personal and professional experience. In her college career, Madison worked for the Title IX Department at Sonoma State University. Here she taught 1,000+ people how to prevent sexual violence and how to support a survivor if/when an assault occurs. She has directly worked with the women, men, Greek population (sororities, fraternities), first-year students, LGBTQIA+ population, faculty and staff. Madison continued this work during her Master’s program at San Diego State University. She was a co-teacher for a sexual violence intervention program that advocates for survivors through education and prevention efforts.

As a woman, Madison knows firsthand how crucial it is that women feel safe using Rideshare Services and generally in our daily lives. Enjoying a night out and choosing to be responsible by using an Uber/Lyft to get home is NEVER an invitation for someone to violate your body and your right to safety. While your story is uniquely your own, the unfortunate occurrence of sexual violence is an experience shared by many women. You are not alone in this, we are here for you. Let’s work together to seek the justice that you deserve.

In her free time Madison enjoys making crafts, seeing live music, and eating all of the good food in San Diego.

Madison obtained her B.A. in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University in 2017. She earned her Master of Public Health degree from San Diego State University in 2019.


  • B.A. in Psychology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Sonoma State University, 2017
  • Masters of Public Health, San Diego State University, 2019