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Victim Advocate

Lindsay is a credentialed victim advocate for Estey and Bomberger, LLP.  

Lindsay has an extensive history working in the social services field.  She started with the Navy on active duty as military police and as a first responder to victims of crime.  Following the Navy, she completed her undergrad and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from University of San Diego where she was a peer counselor for fellow students. 

After graduation, she went back to the Navy as a civilian providing advocacy services and case management for victims of sexual assault as part of the SAPR program.  While many days with clients are filled with carrying their trauma and walking beside them on their journey of healing, it has been rewarding to see an individual come out of the other side and find their strength in moving from victim to survivor.  Every person’s journey is different, and Lindsay works to provide individual care and support throughout the process.