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Victim Advocate

Kellie is a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate with Estey & Bomberger based in San Diego, California. Kellie has worked with women exiting sex trafficking, families and individuals that were unhoused, providing case management and support as they transitioned into stable housing and full-time employment. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Counseling Methods, and received a master’s degree in Human Rights and Social Justice in May of 2023, while assisting in developing a clinical program for individuals with historical substance use and mental health challenges, guiding them through legal, employment, and financial needs.

Kellie has volunteered in other countries such as Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and East Africa building orphanages and feeding centers, teaching English in local schools, and building safe living facilities for women to prevent sexual assault from happening in their communities. She believes in walking alongside the people she works with no matter what they have been through to see them heal and thrive beyond anything that they have been through.

In her free time, Kellie enjoys visiting local coffee shops, attending live music shows, the beach, and traveling.